Play & Exercise: Dogs

Looking for ways to keep your dog active? Read below for helpful information & articles.

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Turn Exercise Time into Playtime

Though it seems like his favorite activity is napping on the couch, your dog needs regular exercise to stay healthy – just like you! Luckily, there are many activities both of you can enjoy. From trips to dog parks to long evening bike rides – mixed with a well-balanced, nutritious dog food – you can help your dog live a lifetime of healthy happiness.

The Importance of Exercise

A lack of exercise in your four-legged pal may result in health risks like obesity. But that's not all. Dogs that go without regular exercise can also develop destructive behaviors like barking, digging or chewing. In fact, many dog owners have reported that their dogs seem to behave better when they get a daily dose of exercise. Aside from preventing these issues, exercise also supports healthy aging by easing chronic symptoms, allowing them to explore their surroundings.

Dog Toys and Games

Exercise doesn't always need to be a hassle. Kind of like dancing, hiking or biking, the gym isn't required when you want to get your heart-rate up. Besides, most dogs aren't interested in lifting weights. Make your exercise time fun by playing games with him. Fetch and tug-of-war are always winners. But if you want to mix things up, try building him an obstacle course or teach him some new tricks. If you're unable to get outside due to the weather, get him moving with a scavenger hunt. Just hide his snacks around the house and he'll use his nose to hunt them down. Dogs can also get a dose of exercise by playing with toys. Choose from balls, tug toys, plush toys or toys made to be stuffed with treats.