Cat Health Care

Learn about your feline friend’s health by reading below for information & articles.

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Tips and Advice

Bringing home a new four-legged friend is exciting, but as a pet parent, you've probably got a lot of cat health questions. It'd be helpful if cats could verbally communicate how they're feeling. But not to worry, we have a library full of cat healthcare tips to help you understand those subtle cues. Just start browsing our cat healthcare advice below and you'll be well on your way to becoming the best pet parent you can be.

Causes of Diseases

If your cat is acting differently and you're concerned about her health, read up about various cat health problems and their causes. Whether it's their genetics, breed, age, lifestyle, mental state, behavior or environment, there are many common causes to keep in mind when you notice a change in your cat. Start learning about those common causes so that you'll always be prepared to properly care for her.

Signs and Symptoms

Health issues manifest themselves in a number of ways. Some are extremely noticeable, such as increased urination, stress and excessive grooming. But other cat health symptoms aren't so easy to spot. Get to know her personality and how she reacts in certain situations. If you notice a change in her mood or behavior, there's a chance a larger health issue is looming. Find out which ones should be taken seriously, and how to properly protect your cat.

Preventative Treatments

From proper nutrition, grooming and exercise to parasite prevention and vet check-ups, there are multiple preventative measures you can take to keep your cat from getting sick or injured. Learn more about how to keep your kitty safe by reading articles about recommended vaccinations, grooming tips, flea and tick medication and more.