Dubstep Kitty

Watch how this kitten takes scratching to a whole new level.


The first step to being crazy for cats? Admitting it.

Crazy Fun Cat Guy

Just another crazy fun day for this guy.

Stump Speech

Meet a candidate that’s truly looking out for our interests.

Cat Tat

See how Professor Puddinpop leaves a lasting impression.

Cat Brewery

From hops to leaps, see how this guy balances two passions.

CatConLA is a global conference that celebrates groundbreaking cat-centric products and ideas in art, design, fashion, pop culture and attitude for those of us who possess a great love of the feline.


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Crazy Cool Facts

Did you know...?


Crazy about Nutrition

We’re so crazy about pet nutrition that we created the Pet Nutrition Center (PNC). It’s 180 acres of land dedicated to 450 dogs and 450 cats whose sole responsibility is to eat food, play, run and just generally enjoy life — all while we keep tabs on the effects of nutrition on their health and happiness.

Crazy for (cat) DNA

Did you know that we’re so crazy for cats, we cracked the feline genome and then gave it away? It’s true! On July 20, 2008, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. announced the donation of its feline genome database to the Morris Animal Foundation to ensure that researchers have what they need to further advance feline health.

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