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I forgot my user ID. Can you send it to me?

Contact us with your full name and we'll send your user ID.

I forgot my password. Can I get a new one?

Give us your e-mail address, and we'll send you a new password.

My account has been locked for security. How do I unlock my account?

Due to sign-in failures, your account has been locked for your security. We'll reactivate your account and reset your password - just contact us with your user ID.

I've been through all the FAQs and still have a question for Hill's. How can I contact someone?

Contact our Consumer Affairs department  with your question.

Why does Hill's use cookies on its site?

Hill's has limited use of cookies on its site so that we can offer the best possible website experience to our visitors.

Cookies are a message given to a web browser by a web server. The main purpose of cookies is to "identify" a user's computer so that we can prepare a customized web page. The information accessed is used to determine where your interests lie, so we can keep the site relevant, interesting and fresh. Hill's never uses this information publicly. It is used strictly to develop content for this website and remains anonymous.